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Stock Trading in Washington DC: More of Everything Is Needed

By Jim Toes, STA Earlier this week, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced the 2023 winners of its coveted and prestigious awards for excellence in journalism. Among the recipients were staff for the Wall Street Journal, who received recognition in the category of Investigative Reporting for bringing to light the financial conflicts of interest among officials at federal…  Read more

The Silver Linings of George Santos

By Jim Toes, STA People are hardwired to look for any positive outcome from a disappointing event. This tendency to search for silver linings in all kinds of dark clouds helps us recover emotionally and move on from those difficult times having gained wisdom and experience from the lessons learned.  Shortly after Election Day 2022,…  Read more

Holidays at Harry’s

By Jim Toes, STA Last week, restaurateur icon Harry Poulakakos celebrated the 50th anniversary of the institution that bears his name, Harry’s at Hanover Square. This momentous event was recognized eloquently by NYSE at their opening bell ceremony, a worthy tribute to an honorable and extremely hardworking man who is loved and respected by many.…  Read more

SEC Auctions: Benefit or Risk?

by Jim Toes President and CEO, STA This Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission will propose a series of highly anticipated rules and rule amendments that have the potential to fundamentally reshape the structure of the US equity markets. While the US equity markets are operating efficiently and remain the most liquid in the world, they…  Read more

A Friday to Remember: 89th Annual Market Structure Conference Shines a Light on STA’s Mission

I am proud to say that STA’s 89th Annual Market Structure Conference is in the books. On behalf of our entire Board of Governors, I’d like to once again extend a sincere thank you to all speakers, sponsors and attendees who joined us in Washington DC. Year in and year out, these individuals and firms…  Read more