STA Affiliates are the heart of STA.

STA Affiliates make STA a true grassroots industry association.

Each year, more than 250 volunteers dedicate their time to serve on STA Affiliate Boards. These members are actively engaged in the financial markets and share a strong desire to give back to their firms and to their local communities.

Affiliate President Handbook (About STA: Governance & Committees)


How and when will STA promote my annual conference?
Event Notices – 33,000+ STA News subscribers
  • Four (4) quarterly blasts throughout the year dedicated to upcoming annual conferences/events
    Monthly newsletters include all upcoming affiliate events for the current/following month (includes non-annual conferences, charity events, member parties, etc.)
  • Social media promotion prior to and following annual conferences/events (please send pictures if desired)
  • Verbal notice of all upcoming events on monthly Affiliate President calls
  • STA deserves the right to promote specific events (both non-annual and annual) as desired to most effectively increase overall engagement
  • STA will, in its best efforts, aim to have at least one (1) representative from STA National or the Board of Governors attend annual events
#PutHerOnThePanel – example
  • STA will promote women panelists in the STA Women in Finance Newsletter under the #PutHerOnThePanel column.
Social Media
  • STA will promote Affiliate events its Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels. We encourage Affiliate Board members to like and follow STA on social media.

Besides an annual conference, what else are Affiliates doing?
  • Charity (Soup Kitchens, Veterans, Walks/Runs, Clothes Drives, Childrens Hospitals)
  • Hockey Outings
  • Bowling Leagues
  • Educational Breakfasts or Receptions
  • Year-End Holiday Parties
  • Golf Outings & Top Golf
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Outdoor Music Events
  • Awards/Events for Legacy Members & Past Presidents
  • Guest Bartending
  • Events in Partnership with Local Colleges or High Schools
  • Women in Finance Events
  • Events in Partnership with Industry Associations (WILD, CFA and Women in ETFs)

Can STA help me find a speaker or panelist?

Can STA help me find a speaker or panelist?

Yes, STA maintains several lists of subject matter experts, in particular market structure analysts and women in finance.

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STA Affiliates

Consider joining a local STA Affiliate to keep up to date with securities industry and market structure issues, and to network with colleagues and peers.


Boston Securities Traders Association

Carolina Security Traders Association

Security Traders Association of Chicago

Security Traders Association of Connecticut

Dallas Security Traders Association

Denver Security Traders Association

Security Traders Association of Florida

Georgia Securities Association

Kansas City Securities Association

Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Association

Minnesota Security Dealers Association

Security Traders Association of New York

Ohio Security Traders Association

Investment Traders Association of Philadelphia

Pacific Northwest Security Traders Association

San Francisco Security Traders Association

*Now accepting membership throughout all of California!

Security Traders Association of St. Louis

Security Traders Association of Wisconsin

Canadian Partners

Security Traders Association spans North America in Canada, with our 4 affiliates:

  • Toronto Institutional Equity Traders Association
  • Prairies Security Traders Association
  • Montreal Institutional Equity Traders Association
  • Vancouver Security Traders Association

The Canadian Security Traders Association, Inc. was formed in 2000 to serve as a national voice for our affiliate trading organizations.  The CSTA is comprised of over 850 equity traders nationwide and is led by Governors from each of our three distinct regions. The CSTA comments on industry issues and forms opinions on trading issues based on input from our members. The CSTA will host educational seminars and one national conference annually.