Security Traders Association

About STA

Security Traders Association (STA) is a grassroots organization comprised of more than 20 Affiliates in the U.S. and Canada. STA members represent individuals employed in the financial services industry across varying business models. STA educates its members on market structure issues while representing their interests with legislators, regulators and other industry associations. STA events keep attendees informed on industry trends and provide unique networking opportunities, which contribute to career development and productivity. STA is committed to promoting goodwill and fostering high standards of integrity in accord with its founding principle, dictum meum pactum, “my word is my bond.”

The STA Difference

Our industry knowledge is our strength

All of STA’s Affiliate organizations are run by individuals who work in the financial services industry. Their day-to-day contact ensures that STA remains in touch on the most relevant issues impacting the U.S. securities markets.

Diverse business models

STA members come from a wide range of firms with varying business models. This diversity ensures that the opinions of the STA organization are well vetted.

Affiliate network

STA’s network Affiliates across the U.S. and Canada is what makes us a true “grassroots” association with long-standing relationships in Washington DC.

We believe in individuals and that relationships still matter

Individuals and relationships need to exist in order for changes in the financial services industry to yield benefits and efficiencies to investors.

What does STA do?

  • Provide updates on the most relevant events in Washington DC (From the Hill)
  • Meet regularly with Congressional and regulatory staff (Talking Points)
  • Issue communiqués on industry news and thought provoking articles (STA News)
  • Host content-rich events that provide networking opportunities (Events Calendar)
  • Organize diverse committees for input on regulatory issues (Comment Letters)


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STA was formed at a pivotal time in the nation’s economic history, as the Roosevelt Administration’s New Deal promised to move the United States from the grips of the Great Depression to prosperity.

The Securities Act had become law and the Securities and Exchange Commission was formed to regulate the issuance and sale of corporate securities to investors and bolster public confidence in the stock market.

STA (formerly NSTA) was born in the Windy City of Chicago, when the Chicago Bond Traders Club invited security traders across the Midwest to join them at their annual outing on August 21, 1934. View the NSTA Minutes of August 21, 1934 >

Three years later, traders from across the nation flocked to Los Angeles for the annual convention where a new, more detailed STA constitution was drafted and approved. Back then, STA worked closely with the young SEC on a variety of issues, which included deliveries of stock in a woman’s name, among many others. View the full STA Timeline >