Catch A Lift: Giving Like It’s 1999

By Jim Toes, President & CEO, STA

It’s been well over a decade since I stopped trying to describe what life was like on a trading floor shortly before and after the year 2000. Void of any means to communicate electronically, trading floors were instead filled with loud voices calling out bids and offers on stock trades with notional values far exceeding the price of an average home. The noise added to an already stressful environment where a miscommunication on symbol, size, side, or price could easily result in a costly error. For some, these conditions were unmanageable. For most, however, the sounds of humans yelling provided a natural energy which fostered camaraderie among co-workers and created long-lasting memories.
Our industry didn’t limit our yelling to just the work environment. We carried our voices wherever we went, especially to charitable events where live auctions were held to raise funds for worthy causes. While the electronification of our markets has replaced the human voice in trading stocks, it has not impacted our willingness to give. Our industry is still filled with loud voices and generous hearts willing to help – and this was on full display last week at Catch A Lift’s 10th Annual New York City Benefit.

Our industry packed the Union League Club beyond belief with passionate support of our wounded veteran community, raising $768,000 by the end of the night! It goes without saying that if we should use our loud voices for anything, it ought to be for supporting those who have made incredible sacrifices. By offering resources for those wounded in service, Catch A Lift amplifies the bravery and commitment of those who have served and continue to serve. As we approach Memorial Day, let’s echo this thought even louder as we honor the memory of those who couldn’t make it home, so that we could have a home.

Congratulations to the entire team at Catch A Lift on a successful event and the impact you’ve been able to make. On behalf of a grateful industry, it was an honor to be in your presence and we thank you for providing a platform for us to support your mission!

For more info on Catch A Lift, visit their website here.