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Order Routing Disclosures

The Security Traders Association (“STA”) appreciates the opportunity to offer comments on the Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission” or…  Read more

Equity Market Structure in 2016 and for the Future

Mary Jo White, SEC Chair Keynote Address Security Traders Association 83rd Annual Market Structure Conference Thank you, Jim ,…  Read more

Financial CHOICE Act of 2016

STA Letter to House Financial Services Committee on “Financial CHOICE Act of 2016” discussion draft – Jul 15 While…  Read more

SEC Open Meeting on Order Routing Disclosures – Jul 13th

At a July 13, open meeting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted unanimously to “adopt amendments to its…  Read more


Save the Date: 84th Annual Market Structure Conference

Please join us in DC for STA’s 84th Annual Market Structure Conference. This year’s conference will take place at…  Read more

SEC EMSAC Charter; Disclosure of Order Handling Information

SEC Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee; Charter STA filed a comment letter with the Commission on November 21, 2016.…  Read more

SEC Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee

SEC Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee; File No. 265 – 29 The Security Traders Association (“STA”)1 wishes to make…  Read more

STA Conference Notes, Day 1

Please submit your email address to receive notes from day 1 of STA’s 83rd annual market structure conference (PDF…  Read more


Under Pressure

Markets Media The only thing constant in this world is change. And for the U.S. brokerage world, that axiom…  Read more

STA WIF Partners with Family of Former Industry Publisher to Establish Ken Heath Award

NEW YORK, 21 DECEMBER 2016 The Security Traders Association Women in Finance Committee, “STA WIF” announced that it has…  Read more

KCG Gives Early Read on Tick Pilot

Traders Magazine And the preliminary verdict is in – the nascent Tick Pilot program has indeed affected the equity…  Read more

SEC Chair Gives Speech on Equity Market Structure

National Law Review On September 14, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White gave a speech titled “Equity…  Read more

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