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Support our 2017 Charitable Spring Campaign

This year the Security Traders Association’s Women in Finance Initiative (STA WIF) is coming together to support our women warriors for our 2nd Charitable Spring Campaign.

Women veterans are powerful, highly skilled individuals who have fearlessly served our country.  Yet adjusting to civilian life often requires additional resources and support.  This is why we are proud to raise money for the Foundation for Women Warriors – a program with national reach, based in Los Angeles.

Women veterans are the fastest growing population of underserved U.S. veterans – our goal is to serve our women warriors in gratitude of their service to us and our country.

STA WIF Acts in Support of our Women Warriors

Affiliates across the nation are uniting by organizing and getting active!  

Individuals and groups will log their steps, miles, and kilometers to raise awareness of the challenges and resources needed for our military women as they enter civilian life.  All efforts will be displayed on several social media platforms (see below) under the hash tag:

Additionally STA WIF members across the nation will be holding fundraising events and individually participating in activities to raise money.  

It is our hope that this virtual campaign will raise awareness of the challenges our military women face after service.  We also hope to raise money for the Foundation For Women Warriors  whose innovative model and ambitious efforts have a made a difference for many, with dignity and pride.

For more information about the Foundation for Women Warriors please visit:

Watch video here >

All donations, in any amount, are much appreciated.
Donate Soon 

Make checks payable to:
Foundation for Women Warriors
2355 Westwood Boulevard #350
Los Angeles, CA 90064

An Evening of Recognition & Education

Gender Diversity: Including Men in the Conversation

Corporations that engage men in their gender diversity strategies achieve better results. Unfortunately, most gender diversity strategies focus on women-only initiatives or workplace harassment training. A successful diversity strategy is a culture shift within the entire organization.

Thank you for attending!
Our program highlighted the value that gender diversity brings to individual career development and corporate success. Ken Heath Award Winners shared their personal experiences during a fireside chat moderated by Ann Neidenbach of Convergex.

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Given the STA’s unique makeup of industry practitioners, the STA WIF committee is positioned to gather women from diverse business models to identify issues of most relevance and deliver expertise through the committee’s subject matter experts to the financial services industry .


The Security Traders Association of Women in Finance supports and co-markets with other affiliate women’s organizations within the finance community. Together we create a stronger presence, promote membership amongst all organizations, and establish a platform for women in finance. We are leveraging the established network, resources, and values of the Securities Traders Association to foster and create a culture of inclusion for women in finance.

Guiding Principles

  • Designed under the premise that there has not been a better time for women in finance.
  • Should work in partnership with those STA affiliates with diversity programs
  • Needs to address the mentoring, networking, education and coaching needs of women.
  • Address the additional unique career development needs of minority women.
  • Action items should consider the male perspective where appropriate.
  • Incorporate STA WIF into existing STA initiatives: Monthly newsletter, Events Calendar, Website, Conferences and Open Calls.
  • STA WIF Committee should be organized similar to the existing STA Advisory Committees.
  • Promote networking and educational events across the industry without prejudice.


Core Actions

Data Center

  • Be a data center which provides reports on the value add diversity brings to firms and a list of women thought leaders who can serve as panelists and/or speakers at STA events,

Distribution Platform

  • Provide a national distribution platform which fosters robust education on career development and awareness of networking events.

Organize Networking and Educational Events

  • STA WIF should organize a minimum number of educational and networking events in 2016 which include, but will not be limited to; Open Calls, General Announcements and in person STA WIF symposiums/workshops.