STA Women in Finance

STA Women in Finance (WIF) is a committee under the Security Traders Association that assists in the unique career development needs of women in the securities industry. STA WIF leverages the established network, resources, and values of STA to foster a culture of inclusion for women across all areas of the industry. STA WIF supports and co-markets with local STA affiliates to create a stronger presence and more networking opportunities.

  • Organize and promote national and affiliate events targeted at women in the industry, including the annual Woman Mentor of the Year Award Ceremony and the STA Women in Finance Symposium, held as part of STA’s Annual Market Structure Conference.
  • Communicate with audiences through monthly newsletters, social media, and women-led panel discussions on the unique career needs of women in finance and leadership roles.
  • Advocate for women of all backgrounds and promote gender diversity strategies that encourage individuals, firms, and STA affiliates to achieve meaningful results.

2023-2024 STA Women in Finance Chair: Inessa Ruffman, JonesTrading

2023-2024 STA Women in Finance Vie Chair: Christine Lee, Liquidnet

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