2023 Summer Interns: Remember to Celebrate the Little Things

by Jim Toes, STA President & CEO

This STA article is dedicated to financial services interns in the United States and Canada, many of whom are starting their internships this week. Please forward to those interns working among us this summer!

Welcome to the Intern Class of 2023!

Now that summer has begun, interns across all areas of our industry are entering the world of finance, many for the first time. To the intern class of 2023: you’ll hear plenty of career advice over the next few months, but we’re here to tell you to make the most of your internship. Make connections, reach out to those you admire, don’t be afraid to ask questions, take note of what interests you – and what doesn’t.

Many of us in the STA were former interns, and we might even be managing our own interns this summer. In our mission of providing a community for our individual members, we know that internships play a valuable role in shaping the careers of many. For those unfamiliar with STA, we are a trade organization for individual professionals in the financial services industry. Composed of more than 20 affiliate organizations across the United States and Canada, we advocate on behalf of and foster collaboration among our members, while also representing their interests with legislators, regulators, and other industry organizations.

Internships are just the first step of a career journey, and you’ll likely make connections that will stick with you for years to come. You’ll gain valuable experience in the business world, learn key technical and soft skills, and build a network of professionals who want to see you succeed.

While this summer might seem daunting, it’s important that you don’t forget to celebrate the small things as you work towards your larger goals. Luckily, there are a few “holidays” throughout the summer that can help with this:

June 17 is World Juggling Day – if you’re ever juggling a few things at once (hopefully not bowling pins), just remember that we all have busy days from time to time, and you have resources to manage it all.

July 27 is National Intern Day – take a moment to recognize the hard work of you and your fellow interns – your managers, colleagues, and mentors are grateful for you.

August 2: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – find an excuse to buy an ice cream sandwich as you celebrate all you accomplished this summer!

While you’re busy celebrating the small things, we also ask that you consider becoming an STA Student in Finance Member. Students who are enrolled full-time as an undergraduate or postgraduate are eligible for STA’s Student in Finance (STA SIF) Membership.

Finally, we also reposted a handful of archived STA articles that we think you will find helpful in your internship, as well as provide an overview of what we do.

Enjoy the reads, and best of luck to you this summer!

For more info on STA Student in Finance memberships, click here.