STA Today: Spring Is Here: New Beginnings

Yesterday officially marked the first day of spring, the symbol of new life – the origin of the word spring literally means “new beginning.” With warmer weather around the corner, this time of year we often think ahead to our summer plans – maybe it’s an annual family vacation or the return of an outdoor hobby. However, spring can be used as both a noun and a verb: how are we going to “spring” into action this year and keep challenging ourselves to learn new things?

This question doesn’t apply to just the next few months – it’s something we should think about often. We all have unique career paths, but one quality that we share as STA members and financial industry professionals is the ability to adapt to a constantly evolving landscape. Many of us have witnessed major changes within our industry over the years, and it’s crucial to remember that change begins with us as individuals. Whether that means reading a book on an interesting topic, improving a skill, or meeting people who can offer fresh perspectives, it’s important to consider what “new beginnings” we can discover in our pursuit of professional development and constant improvement.