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In 2023, a record 114 organizations sponsored STA because they view us as a unique and cost-effective resource. Our work to educate and advocate for the financial services industry has helped us to build a sizeable platform, with hundreds of industry professionals attending our in-person conference each year and over 34,000 more on our email list.

The coming year will bring forth important issues on both the regulatory and legislative fronts, including several that will impact our markets – from equity market structure reforms to T+1 to predictive data analytics. In 2024, STA will host two important industry events to discuss these topics and more.

In April, the in-person and sponsor-exclusive Washington DC Spring Update will feature congressional members and staff, as well as regulatory and business leaders, as they share their perspectives on key issues and proposed reforms. Then, in September, our 91st Annual Market Structure Conference, which has also been held in Washington DC for several years running, will be at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, with four levels of sponsorship available. This new and exciting location allows us to expand our unique sponsorship offerings and enhance the overall STA experience. In addition to in-person festivities, all sponsorship levels come with unlimited complimentary virtual registrations to both events for your employees.

As you continue to develop your 2024 plans, we encourage you to reach out to us early – many of our sponsor benefits last the full calendar year! Want to learn more? Read on for five great reasons to join your industry colleagues and become an STA sponsor this year.

  1. Professional Networking – STA events bring together bankers and buy-siders, vendors and regulators, politicians and nonprofit directors, and more. Being a sponsor guarantees that your team will have the opportunity to build relationships and discuss opportunities with people working in all aspects of financial services.
  2. Industry Education – Our events feature speakers who are well-respected in their field and experts at what they do. STA events serve as an educational resource for understanding the most pressing issues in the securities industry. Being a sponsor ensures your attendance at STA events, where critical conversations on the state of the industry occur. The knowledge you gain will help you make informed decisions for your business.
  3. Brand Awareness – STA is a unique channel that can bring your marketing efforts to the next level. We offer a wide array of sponsorship and branding opportunities at all events, ranging from cocktail hours to charging stations to room drops with custom swag. We also produce a regular cadence of content via our monthly newsletter and other recurring features that highlight our sponsors, sent to our distribution list of nearly 33,000 subscribers.
  4. Representation in DC – STA has long maintained a strong presence in Washington DC, engaging often with key regulators and policymakers. STA believes in principle-based rulemaking and advocates for policies that improve the marketplace and foster investor trust, market integrity and capital formation. STA has a direct relationship with the SEC, FINRA and other U.S. regulatory agencies. In addition, we have wide recognition among policymakers on Capitol Hill, working with partners such as DC law firm Williams & Jensen to maximize our reach. Becoming a sponsor means the opportunity to influence the direction of our engagement, contribute to numerous comment letters and more, strengthening our voice – and yours – where it matters most.
  5. Personal Development – Being an STA sponsor means you’ll have a natural connection with like-minded, ambitious individuals in financial services. Events often include happy hours, golf outings, ski trips, fundraisers and much more. This reason to sponsor is especially relevant in 2024, as the Orlando conference location will offer unique opportunities to create memorable experiences for your fellow attendees. Employees of STA sponsors make the relationships forged at these events last their entire career and rely on them over the years. As a sponsor, you’ll create personal connections while participating in fun activities, making your company a more enjoyable place to work.

    If you found one or more of these reasons compelling and would like to become an STA sponsor in 2024, please reach out. On behalf of the entire STA Board of Governors, we look forward to partnering with you!

Thank you!

If you are a past sponsor of STA, we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to earning it again this year!

Our sponsorship packages range in price and are flexible to meet your firm’s budget needs. Reach out to Dawn Combs, Head of Planning and Product Services, to learn more about sponsorship.