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About STA Foundation

The STA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that serves as the educational arm of the Security Traders Association (STA). The STA Foundation, formed in 1990, strives to be an unbiased educational resource not only for STA members but for all securities industry professionals. Additionally, the STA Foundation provides financial support to programs and committees that address the career development needs of individuals within the securities industry.  

Mission & Guiding Principles

To educate and inform all market participants including trading professionals, regulators, legislators and the investing public on matters relevant to the securities industry. To provide financial support for initiatives that seek to address the career development needs of individuals within the securities industry. The Guiding Principles are to:

  • Support organized networking and educational events.
  • Support initiatives tailored to audiences with unique career development needs.
  • Leverage the established network, resources and values of STA to foster and advance these events and initiatives.

Individual & Corporate Donations

Donations to the STA Foundation are tax deductible. To ensure that the STA Foundation can continue its mission of educating and informing all market participants on matters related to the securities industry, consider making a donation.

Past Grants

Grants from the STA Foundation assist in the funding of the following:

  • to come…

STA Foundation Awards

Throughout the years, the STA Foundation has recognized individuals within the financial services industry with its distinguished awards. While each STA award celebrates something different — stewardship and service, advocacy, mentorship, philanthropy, ethics — they are all rooted in STA’s founding principle: dictum meum pactum, “my word is my bond.” 

Monthly Newsletters

STA newsletters combine original content with a synopsis of STA’s activities including Open Call Executive Summary reports, Event Notices and STA Women in Finance newsletters. Original content via STA’s Taking Stock and Lighthouse articles shine a unique perspective on important market structure issues.

Open Calls

STA Open Calls educate and inform participants on industry issues and career development. Open Calls are held on a regular basis and are available to the general public, which include STA members, regulators, legislators and press. Executive Summary reports on past Open Calls can be found here

Trading Views Podcast

Geared toward STA members and financial services professionals, STA’s Trading Views podcast features conversations with industry leaders, discussions on critical market structure issues, as well as professional development tips to assist with job and career.

Women in Finance Committee

STA Women in Finance (STA WIF) addresses the mentoring, networking, education and coaching needs of women. STA WIF supports and co-markets with affiliates that maintain diversity programs, along with other industry organizations to create a stronger presence of women in finance. Along with a monthly newsletter, STA WIF hosts annual educational and networking events.

Student in Finance Membership

Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for STA’s Student in Finance (STA SIF) Membership. STA SIF membership is free and ideal for students who want to stay informed on current events within financial services and to connect with securities industry professionals. STA SIF members receive STA newsletters and other relevant communications, along with notices on upcoming events.

Job Re-Entry Committee

STA’s STAR, or job re-entry initiative, assists in the career development needs of professionals who have been displaced and are seeking re-entry into the financial services industry. STAR publishes, and via its partnership program makes available, information that is useful during transition. STAR participants are eligible for complimentary STA and affiliate conference registration packages.

Annual Market Structure Conference

Held in Washington DC, STA’s Annual Market Structure Conference is the premier event for professionals to discuss the most relevant issues facing the securities industry. Since 2012, attendance has climbed more than 80%, bringing together not only a diverse group of senior-level attendees, but also speaker diversity across gender and ethnicity.  

2021 Highlights & Events


Held STA Foundation Awards Event

Open Call: SEC’s Proposed Rules on Securities Lending


Announced 2021 Ken Heath & Women Mentor Award Recipients

Launched STA Channel on YouTube


Held First Hybrid Market Structure Conference


Announced 2021 Big Heart for Charity Award Recipients

Announced 2021 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient


STA WIF: Challenges & Opportunities Facing Women in Negotiations

Open Call: Round Lot Reform


Trading Views Podcast: Interview with SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw

Trading Views Podcast: Talking Wealth Management


Trading Views Podcast: Cboe’s Acquisition of BIDS and the Wider Exchange Landscape

Open Call: An Alternative CAT Funding Model

Students in Finance: Greenwood Project selected as STA 2021 Charity of Choice


Trading Views Podcast: Interview with Rep. Patrick McHenry

Held Virtual STA Washington DC Spring Update

STA WIF: Jennifer Willey Delivers Keynote: Building Your Blue Sky Blueprint

Trading Views Podcast: An Exchange with a View

Trading Views Podcast: A View of ETF’s


Insight: Here’s How to Win Business by Turning Compliance Burdens into Competitive Insights

Open Call: Early Reactions to House Hearing on GameStop and Recent Market Volatility, Part Two


Open Call: Early Reactions to House Hearing on GameStop and Recent Market Volatility

A Conversation with Industry Stalwarts: Richard Grasso and Harvey Pitt

Trading Views Podcast: An Economist’s View


Open Call: Market Data and the Cloud: Rising in Importance

2020 Highlights & Events


Open Call: Options: Does the Giant Grow Bigger in 2021?

Held First STA Foundation Awards Event More >


Open Call: FINRA’s SIE Exam: What You Need to Know

Trading Views Podcast with TMX Group’s Kevin Sampson More >


Held First Virtual Market Structure Conference More >

Announced 2020 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient More >

Trading Views Podcast with Rep. Bill Huizenga More >


Open Call: Buy-Side Incorporates Rule 606(b)(3) Summary >

STA WIF: Refinitiv’s Debra Walton to Keynote STA Market Structure Conference More >

Trading Views Podcast with Troy Paredes More >


STAR: Completed 20+ Conversations with Industry Professionals Seeking New Opportunity More >


Launched STA Trading Views Podcast Series More >


Announced 2020 STA Foundation Awards More >

Students in Finance: Completed 30+ Individual Mock Interviews with College Seniors More >


Open Call: Featuring Eleanor Beaton

Students in Finance: Launched Mock Interview Effort for College Seniors More >

Open Call: Fixed Income ETFs: When Market Structures Collide Summary >


Open Call: The Road to Modernize the OTC Market Summary >


Open Call: Featuring Jason Redman Summary >


Open Call: Implementation of Rule 606 Summary >


Open Call: New Consolidated Market Data Plan Summary >

STAR: Launched STAR Webpage Here >

2019 Highlights & Events

2019 Ken Heath Event >

2019 STA WIF Annual Symposium >


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