STA’s Advisory Committees and working groups are the primary vehicles for maintaining relationships with our members and the industry at-large. Advisory Committee members meet both in-person and virtually and receive regular reports on market structure issues, congressional updates, and other timely communications that enable them to remain informed on matters that impact their business. Advisory Committee members, particularly Select Advisory Committee members, are also given priority in situations when STA requires a subject matter expert.

STA Business Committees are responsible for running the affairs of the Association. Business Committees are comprised of STA Governors, all of whom served as President of an STA Affiliate.

Advisory Committees: 

  • ETF Advisory Committee*
  • Market Structure Analyst Committee (MSAC)*
  • Listed Options Committee (LOC)*
  • Women in Finance Committee (WIF) 
  • Retail Advisory Committee (RAC)

Business Committees:

  • Nominating Committee
  • By-Laws Committee
  • Annual Conference
  • Affiliate Liaison Committee

*Select Advisory Committee: Firm sponsorship of STA required for membership.

Advisory Committees

Market Structure Analyst Committee (MSAC)

Listed Options Committee (LOC)

Chair: Nick Otte, GTS Securities
Vice Chair
: Shawn Cruz, IMC
Committee Director: Dawn Combs, STA

Retail Advisory Committee (RAC)

Chair: Tom Gemmell, Morgan Stanley
Vice Chair: Rachel Bradford, Futu Clearing

ETF Advisory Committee

Chair: Steve Capurso, Old Mission Capital
Vice Chair: Alison Doyle, Nasdaq
Chair Emeritus: Eric Pollackov, Invesco

Women in Finance (WIF) Committee

Chair: Inessa Ruffman, JonesTrading

Business Committees

Affiliate Liaison (ALC)

The Affiliate Liaison Committee’s primary objective is to ensure that appropriate communication and support is shared between STA and the Affiliates, and vice versa. STA conducts monthly meetings in order to have a continuous communication opportunity. Traditionally, this group has been the key source of candidates for the STA Board of Governors.

Committee Director: Erin Kelly, STA

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with recommending a slate of STA Officers to serve in the coming year. These recommendations are then voted upon by the Delegates attending the Annual Business Meeting (usually held in October). The Immediate Past Chairman serves as the Chair of the Committee. In addition, the By-Laws require the two previous STA Chairmen serve. The balance of the Committee is elected by delegates at the Annual Business Meeting. The Board of Governors provides a list of at least eight candidates, four of whom will be elected. Thus, the Committee consists of seven members, three designated by the By-Laws and four elected. NOTE: The Nominating Committee is the only Committee constructed under the By-Laws.

Chair: Ryan Kwaitkowski, STA Past Chair, STA Florida