The STA’s sole objective is to ensure that the U.S. securities markets are the most efficient and liquid in the world.

STA continues to work with regulators and policy makers on such issues as; Large Trader Reporting, Consolidated Audit Trail, Limit Up/Limit Down and Capital Formation. While conference calls and emails are an effective way to communicate they pale in comparison with face-to-face meetings with the individuals who are the actual decision makers.

STA maintains a direct relationship with the regulatory agencies. For policy making members on the Hill, STA has partnered with Williams & Jensen to make sure our voice is heard.

Washington DC continues to be a major influence in our markets and there is an overflow of information that can be tedious to filter. STA receives and deciphers what material is most relevant for you in From the Hill.

The STA conducts meetings with legislative and regulatory agencies. Talking Points detail our visits to Washington DC which illustrate our efforts to protect and serve our financial markets.

Jim Toes, President and CEO