STA’s sole objective is to ensure that the U.S. securities markets are the most efficient and liquid in the world.

STA was founded in 1934, the same year that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was formed. Since then, STA has maintained a strong presence in Washington DC, engaging with U.S. regulators and policymakers. STA believes in principle-based rulemaking and advocates policies that improve the marketplace and foster investor trust, market integrity, and capital formation.

STA has a direct relationship with the SEC, FINRA and other U.S. regulatory agencies. For the past several years, our partnership with law firm Williams & Jensen has helped us reach policymakers on the Hill. This, along with numerous comment letters submitted by STA over the years, strengthens our voice where it matters most.

Washington DC continues to be a major influence in our markets and there is an overflow of information that can be tedious to filter. STA receives and deciphers what material is most relevant for you in STA in DC.

While conference calls and emails are an effective way to communicate, they pale in comparison with face-to-face meetings with the individuals who are the actual decision makers. STA conducts regular meetings with legislative and regulatory agencies to ensure the needs of our industry are being heard.