Outsourced and Supplementary Trading: Then Versus Now

Asset managers continue to see outsourced and supplementary trading relationships as a means to achieve operational efficiencies and a strategy to address the ever-changing regulatory and competitive landscape. Our discussion reviews some of the themes from a September 2022 Open Call on the same subject while providing an update on industry trends.

With Presenter

Jeff LeVeen
Head of Outsourced Trading

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Open Call Index:

STA Update, Opening Remarks – 00:00 mark

Q#1: Recent trends: 02:45 mark

Q#2: Buy side’s experience: 07:00 mark

Q#3: Must-haves for providers: 11:00 mark

Q#4: Mid-sized vs. bulge-bracket: 16:40 mark

Q#5: Looking ahead: 20:40 mark