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Congress and the SEC: Market Structure Crossroads

On Thursday, June 22, two House Financial Services Subcommittees held hearings on oversight of the SEC. Using these hearings as a partial backdrop, we identify a few equity market structure…  Read more

In our Episode 19 of Trading Views, we sat down with Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI) during our Washington DC Spring Update to discuss SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

Rep. Huizenga represents Michigan’s 4th District and serves as Chairman of the HFSC Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigation. In our conversation, we touch on a number of financial issues including equity market structure, crypto regulation, and ESG. In addition, Rep. Huizenga shares his thoughts on SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s ambitious regulatory agenda.

5 Reasons to Sponsor STA in 2023

In 2022, a record 108 organizations sponsored STA because they view us as a unique and cost-effective resource. Our work to educate and advocate for the financial services industry has…  Read more

Open Call: SEC Proposals on Reg NMS & Order Competition Rule

On December 14, 2022, the SEC proposed four rule filings relating to wholesale changes to equity market structure. The comment period for letters expired March 31, during which numerous leading…  Read more

Open Call RecapSEC Equity Proposals: Disclosure of Order Execution Information (Rule 605)

On December 14, the SEC unveiled its largest and most comprehensive set of proposed reforms to the US equity markets since Reg NMS was instituted in 2005. While these proposals…  

Open Call: The State of Private Markets

The private markets continue to evolve, creating opportunities for managers, investors and companies. This open call focused on four main areas. First, we discussed the infrastructure of private markets compared…  Read more

Open Call: SEC Equity Market Proposals: Disclosure of Order Execution Information (Rule 605)

On December 14 the SEC unveiled its biggest proposed reforms to the U.S. equity markets since Reg NMS was instituted in 2005. In its 6-hour Open Meeting the SEC’s Chairman…  Read more

Open Call: The Financial Services’ Journey to the Cloud

The growth of financial services firms moving data and certain business functions to the cloud has increased exponentially post Covid. While the benefits of the cloud have existed for some…  Read more

Open Call: Outsourcing by Investment Advisers SEC Proposed New Rule 206(4)-11, and Amendments to Rule 204-2 and Form ADV

On October 26, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed new rule 206(4)-11 and rule amendments under the Advisers Act that prohibit SEC-registered investment advisers from outsourcing certain services…  Read more

Open Call: How to Intern Successfully

If you are fortunate enough to have a college student or recent grad uate who is interested in obtaining an internship, we encourage them to listen to our latest STA…  Read more