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Open Call RecapSEC Equity Proposals: Disclosure of Order Execution Information (Rule 605)

On December 14, the SEC unveiled its largest and most comprehensive set of proposed reforms to the US equity markets since Reg NMS was instituted in 2005. While these proposals were introduced as separate rule filings, they are interconnected, making it difficult for the industry to formulate opinions and provide input. Over the next few…  

Open Call: The State of Private Markets

The private markets continue to evolve, creating opportunities for managers, investors and companies. This open call focused on four main areas. First, we discussed the infrastructure of private markets compared to the equity public markets with a focus on transactions. Next, we addressed the exponential growth in size of the private markets today, along with…  Read more

Open Call: SEC Equity Market Proposals: Disclosure of Order Execution Information (Rule 605)

On December 14 the SEC unveiled its biggest proposed reforms to the U.S. equity markets since Reg NMS was instituted in 2005. In its 6-hour Open Meeting the SEC’s Chairman Gary Gensler and Commissioners voted on four proposals which addressed a range of issues such as: Rule 605; tick sizes, access fees, price transparency, order…  Read more

Open Call: The Financial Services’ Journey to the Cloud

The growth of financial services firms moving data and certain business functions to the cloud has increased exponentially post Covid. While the benefits of the cloud have existed for some time its industry’s ability to address the high thresholds of regulatory compliance and safeguards demanded by financial firms have contributed greatly to the overall demand…  Read more

Open Call: Outsourcing by Investment Advisers SEC Proposed New Rule 206(4)-11, and Amendments to Rule 204-2 and Form ADV

On October 26, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed new rule 206(4)-11 and rule amendments under the Advisers Act that prohibit SEC-registered investment advisers from outsourcing certain services or functions to service providers and third-party recordkeepers without meeting minimum due diligence and monitoring requirements. If adopted in its current form, the requirements would…  Read more