Let’s Start the New Year Right: Welcome 2024 STA Board

By Jim Hyde, NYSE/ICE

2024 STA Chair

Happy new year to the STA community! My name is Jim Hyde, and I have the honor and pleasure of serving as your 2024 STA Chair. As a long-standing member of both STA and STANY, I am a strong advocate for the benefits our organzation offers both the markets and our members. For almost 100 years, STA has served as a primary link between our legislative leaders and the ever-evolving markets. We are an organization that is by the people, for the people, and we’re extremely grateful for the people we have. STA leadership at both the national and affiliate levels is largely comprised of volunteers, and we all share a dedication to the larger industry and to each other, embodying our founding principle of dictum meum pactum, “my word is my bond.”

I’m thrilled to welcome the 2024 STA Board, a group of new and returning individuals that is diverse in both geography and business model. In addition to our Board, we also maintain four Advisory Committees that represent some of the many pillars of our industry: Listed Options, ETFs, Retail Advisory, and Women in Finance. These committees allow us to provide you with an even deeper understanding of different corners of the financial industry and drive meaningful change in concentrated areas. To honor the inaugural chairs of these respective committees – those who saw the innate value of STA – we are recgonizing them as Chairs Emeritus.

Join me in congratulating and welcoming the 2024 STA Board and our committee leaders – here’s to another incredible year!

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