Kicking Off 2024: A Holistic View of Women in Finance

By Inessa Ruffman, JonesTrading
2024 STA WIF Chair

Happy 2024 from the STA Women in Finance Committee!

A new year is a time for reflection, goal-setting and a fresh start overall. In 2024, our committee is excited to continue sharing the stories of women in financial services, celebrating their achievements and inspiring the next generation of leaders. We believe these efforts are essential to fostering greater understanding of the unique career development needs of women in this industry.

Since STA WIF was founded in 2016, we’ve witnessed some great progress in terms of workplace inclusivity – but there’s still so much more to be done when it comes to creating diverse environments where all perspectives are represented and heard. That’s why we plan to spend some time in the year ahead taking a more holistic look at the key issues impacting women in the workplace.

That means you can expect us to dive into crucial topics at the intersection of work and personal life. Stress management, work-life balance, parenting and maternity, exercise and mental health are all on the table as priorities that impact women’s overall wellness and success at work and beyond. We’ll also investigate common phenomena women face in professional settings, such as imposter syndrome, implicit gender bias and ageism, looking under the hood to explore the origins of these challenges and how woman leaders have conquered them while navigating the dynamic world of financial services.

We also plan to offer actionable tips to keep you at the top of your game. Perspectives on things like post-graduate education and licenses, personal finance, the power of negotiation, the importance of mentorship and more will help you forge your career path and life in a way that best reflects your talents and capabilities.

In all these areas, as our professional climate continues to change for the better, STA WIF is committed to serving as a steadfast industry resource and advocate, spreading awareness of woman-centric topics and championing female professionals in financial services. Thank you to our members and subscribers for your continuous support and engagement. Here’s to a new year of education, inspiration and celebration of the remarkable achievements of woman leaders!

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