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Preface by Julie Andress, KeyBanc Capital Markets & STA WIF Co-Chair

We’ve all heard the saying, “bad news sells” and unfortunately the data on clicks proves it. But, there are times when journalists in their eagerness to grab the day’s headlines, mistakenly report a short term, bad event as a beginning a gloomy, longer-term trend. Such is the case in many articles describing the effects of Covid-19 on women in finance. One reporter sees it differently and his opinion is both encouraging and optimistic on the future of women in our industry. These past 15 months of Covid-19 has created a huge disruption for ALL in the financial services industry. With that disruption comes challenges, change and opportunities. We therefore, recommend that you take a moment to read, Jason Dibble’s article. 

Women in Finance, Written Off As Pandemic Losers, Could Instead Gain Ground

by Jason Dibble, Co-Founder, Editor in Chief, Curatia

Financial media publications panned the pandemic as a “major step back” for women in finance amid a child-care crisis and halting progress toward gender equality in the executive ranks. But remote-working arrangements are redefining the relationship between childcare and the workplace, virtualization is creating opportunities to redraw physical boundaries, and high-profile promotions are spotlighting women in key executive roles. Those unheralded gains hold out the promise of a better future for women in finance — and a better finance for women in the future.

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