Open Call – NYSE Comment Letter on CAT

Summary Report STA Open Call – May 27, 2021

An Alternative CAT Funding Proposal

Michael Blaugrund, NYSE Group & Jim Toes, STA

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Executive Summary

– On March 31, 2021, the SROs filed a Plan Amendment to the CAT NMS Plan with the SEC to adopt a revised funding model. Comment letters continue to be filed.  

– With us this evening is Michael Blaugrund, COO for NYSE Group who will be providing a synopsis of NYSE’s letter which opposes the Funding Proposal and offers an alternative.

– STA hosting tonight’s call should not be viewed as an endorsement of NYSE’s letter.

– The Funding Proposal is complex but its cornerstones of being based on message traffic and the break out of fees being 75% for Industry Members and 25% for Plan Participants are the primary elements we will be comparing to NYSE’s alternative recommendation.

– Excerpts from NYSE’s Letter:

  • The Amendment does not establish an adequate basis for its allocation methodology, nor does it adequately articulate the composition of the CAT costs it would allocate to the industry.
  • We recommend the SROs instead propose a structure that is (1) based on executed volume instead of message traffic and (2) administered like SEC Section 31 fees.
  • We recommend establishing a cost allocation model that evenly splits the per share cost three ways: 1/3 to the buyer, 1/3 to the seller, and 1/3 to the Exchange or TRF.

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