Tuesday’s Children Junior Board; A Path Forward

Dear STA Members,

With the passing of summer, we once again face another anniversary of 9/11.
Our industry was acutely impacted from these attacks on our nation’s soil and as such, many of us share an unwanted bond of experiencing a personal loss. Undoubtedly, we will be spending time today reflecting on those whom we lost. At some point in our reflection we will come to a point where we ask ourselves “what do I do now?” It is a natural response because as the survivors, it is in our nature to want to turn the events of 9/11 into something positive and make our nation better than it was before. Given the magnitude of 9/11 this remains a daunting task.

With that, I’d like to introduce a group of young people who are providing a path towards making our country a better place. They are the Junior Board of Tuesday’s Children. A committee comprised of young adults who experienced personal loss on 9/11 and are now looking to give back to a nation of people who gave to them in their time of need. Their mission statement is simple:

“….the Tuesday’s Children Junior Board will serve as the next generation of
leaders committed to serving the needs of the 9/11 community of
families, first responders, as well as those around the world that have been affected by acts of terrorism.”

I had the privilege to sit down with this group over the summer as
they planned their fifth annual Rise Up Downtown Gala. Being in their presence will give anyone who felt the effects of 9/11 confidence that there is a path forward and that we will come out of this better. So as you reflect today, please keep this precious group of young men and women in your thoughts.

They are our future, they are a path forward.

Visit for more information on The Tuesday’s Children Junior Board >

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