Thank you

by Jim Toes

Last week the STA traveled to Washington D.C. for a handful of meetings at the SEC, FINRA and House Staff. In some ways it was a very typical trip for us, discussing issues we have been engaged in. The difference however this time was the level of confidence we carried with us.

Confidence which came from those of you who took the time to fill out the survey we used in preparing for what we originally thought would be routine visit. Your feedback was strong, articulate and most of all passionate. Our industry is filled with intelligent, hardworking people who care. Sloth is not in our DNA. We did our best to carry your input and passion with us and hope we were effective vehicles of communication. I will end this month’s letter here, so as to allow you more time to read the comments by your peers. Thank you, for your support and on behalf of the entire STA Board of Governors, we wish you all a happy and safe summer.

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