May 2023 Newsletter: How STA’s New ETF Advisory Committee Furthers Our Heritage of Education and Advocacy

At our national conference in Washington DC, as well as affiliate gatherings across North America, live events are a big part of STA. But these events just scratch the surface. Day-to-day, our work to educate our members on pressing regulatory developments and promote their interests before policymakers represents the core of our mission – and our advisory committees are crucial to those efforts.

For the past seven years, STA has operated three advisory committees: Market Structure Analysts, Listed Options, and Retail. These committees identify timely issues and are the source of subject matter expertise on complex topics. While each has its own history for how they came to be, they all represent a two-way street between committee members and STA. Members receive timely updates and regular reports on key issues concerning their respective focus areas, which they can take back to their firms to ensure preparedness for any development, whether expected or unforeseen. In return, STA gains from the collective expertise of seasoned professionals from across our industry, helping us to clarify our positions, ask the right questions, and be better advocates for our members.

These mutual benefits are a big reason why we are pleased to announce our newest advisory committee: the STA ETF Committee. With large, long-term increases in adoption and volumes, as well as continued SEC attention to this important asset class, this is a natural area for STA.

Under the chairmanship of Eric Pollackov, Invesco and STA Governors Steve Capurso, Old Mission and Giang Bui, Nasdaq, we’re confident that there will be no shortage of issues to which our ETF Committee can lend its voice.

Through collaboration, communication, and a shared vision for the future of the securities industry, we are confident that the STA ETF Committee will make a positive impact on our market structure, just as our other committees have. We look forward to serving our members more comprehensively, and to providing updates on this important work.

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