Grassroots Giving

Grassroots Giving
by STA Board

The grassroots nature of STA’s affiliate organizations is more than just political activism. It is also about the charitable work each affiliate does in its local community. Many of these charities are not well known outside of their immediate areas, and the unselfish acts by affiliate boards and their members often go unrecognized.

STA has created a philanthropic strategy called, Grassroots Giving that will promote these efforts and the charities they support through our newsletters, website and social media platforms while also serving as a vehicle to bridge and communicate efforts among STA affiliates.

Grassroots Giving will include an quarterly notice promoting the charitable work being by affiliates in the areas of:

  • Veterans
  • Financial Literacy
  • Children
  • Community Service

Grassroots Giving will continue to include the annual Big Heart Award which recognizes one (1) affiliate each year that goes above and beyond in serving its local community.

For this first issue of Grassroots Giving we are proud to feature charitable organizations that serve our nations’ veterans.

Please take a moment to review some of these organizations and where possible, assist them as they assist others.

Veterans Charities supported by STA affiliates.

  • Semper Fi Fund
  • Foundation for Women Warriors
  • Drexel Hamilton – Veterans Day Call to Action

More information can be found here

Look for more to come on this new effort and where possible, please consider supporting an affiliate near you!

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