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To the Women of STA: 2022 Edit

It’s typical that around this time, the start of a new year, that we focus on the importance of service. Service within our communities, and within this great industry that we all find ourselves lucky to be a part of. But maintaining the proper balance on how we allocate our time can be tricky. Finding…  Read more

Replay of Women Mentor Awards/Join Us in 2022

Join us in 2022! Despite the realities of this past year and the challenges they presented, the STA Women in Finance Committee is pleased to say that we remained true to our mission and guiding principles, thus continuing to be a positive force for women in our industry. As 2021 comes to a close, STA…  Read more

Webinar Recap: Negotiations & 6th Annual STA WIF Symposium

Webinar Recap: Challenges & Opportunities Women Face in Negotiations by Victoria Sanseverino, Forefront Communications Whether it be for a contract, trade or promotion, negotiating is an unavoidable necessity, no matter where one sits in the industry. However, there is little formal education or training on how to be adept at this vital technique, and for…  Read more

Open Call Recap – STA Women in Finance Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities Women Face in Negotiations

Women in business and finance face certain biases and disadvantages in negotiations. They can be criticized for being “aggressive,” a trait that is often praised in men. Consequently, women can be less likely to negotiate. This article highlights a recent Security Traders Association’s Women in Finance Webinar and explains how women can leverage their skills…  Read more

STA Women in Finance Symposium Announce Featured Keynote

STA Women in Finance is pleased to announce its keynote speaker for this year’s Annual STA Women in Finance SymposiumThursday, Oct. 7 JW Marriott Washington DC Heather Brilliant Chief Executive Officer & President  Diamond Hill Capital Management Heather Brilliant serves as CEO and President for Diamond Hill Capital Management, an independent active asset manager based…  Read more