Category: Women in Finance

Challenges & Opportunities Facing Women in Negotiations

This month’s Women in Finance newsletter features an open call from July 2021. Because the insights are still relevant, we are resharing in hopes that this continues to inform and inspire the women of STA. No matter where you sit in our industry, negotiating is something we all do. Whether it’s a contract, a trade,…  Read more

Grassroots Giving Goes International

The grassroots nature of STA’s affiliate organizations is more than just political activism. It is also about the charitable work each and every affiliate does within its local community. Many of the charities are not well known outside of their immediate areas, which makes the support from the affiliates even more impactful.   Now, for the…  Read more

Wall Street Moms Return to Work: A Tale of Two Cities

Featured Article by Patricia Koetzner, STA WIF Chair & Inessa Ruffman, STA WIF Vice Chair Everyone has heard the saying, the toughest job on earth is to be a mother. Balancing work and family has long been the reality for women in the U.S., as historically, women are the primary caregivers. This has remained true…  Read more

Women in the Workforce with Rep. Ann Wagner

Featured Article by Lindsey Patterson, Account Executive, Forefront Communications At last month’s Washington DC Spring Update, STA hosted a prestigious group of legislators, regulators and business leaders for a series of discussions on the most pressing issues facing the securities industry. Among the speakers was Congresswoman Ann Wagner, who has served the second congressional district…  Read more

International Women’s Day 2022: #BreakTheBias

Featured Article by Inessa Bondarenko Ruffman, JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC & STA WIF Co-Chair Growing up in Ukraine, March 8th, International Women’s Day, was one of the most important holidays of the year. It was a time to get together with family and friends to celebrate our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, wives, teachers, colleagues and every woman that…  Read more