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Expressing Gratitude

For those of us in the U.S., on Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This is traditionally a day spent in the company of family and friends giving thanks and expressing sincere appreciation for the support and love we provide each other. Yes, Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to be with those closest to us, but…  Read more

7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium Recap

One of STA’s top priorities is to advocate for those who have historically lacked a voice in the financial services industry, and at our 7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium, held earlier this month in conjunction with this year’s STA Market Structure Conference in Washington DC, more than 110 Symposium attendees were reminded of the…  Read more

7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium

Erin Gibbs is the Chief Investment Officer for Main Street Asset Management, LLC. The firm provides investment management to high-net-worth clients. Ms. Gibbs is a regular contributor on TV and other media. Ms. Gibbs was the Equity Chief Investment Officer of Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services (SPIAS) for S&P Investment Advisory Services, where she…  Read more

Challenges & Opportunities Facing Women in Negotiations

This month’s Women in Finance newsletter features an open call from July 2021. Because the insights are still relevant, we are resharing in hopes that this continues to inform and inspire the women of STA. No matter where you sit in our industry, negotiating is something we all do. Whether it’s a contract, a trade,…  Read more

Grassroots Giving Goes International

The grassroots nature of STA’s affiliate organizations is more than just political activism. It is also about the charitable work each and every affiliate does within its local community. Many of the charities are not well known outside of their immediate areas, which makes the support from the affiliates even more impactful.   Now, for the…  Read more