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Join Us in 2023!

It’s a new month, a new year, and with these new beginnings, we look forward to what’s in store for STA Women in Finance. While the financial and regulatory landscapes continue to change and challenge all of us, we are optimistic and we remain true to our mission and guiding principles to be a positive…  

Wrapping Up 2022

It’s December 21 and we are officially in holiday mode. If you ask the big box stores, the season kicked off sometime around Labor Day, when we had our first sightings of tinsel, ribbon and all things red and green. But with Hanukkah starting this past weekend and Christmas on Sunday, we will soon be…  Read more

Expressing Gratitude

For those of us in the U.S., on Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This is traditionally a day spent in the company of family and friends giving thanks and expressing sincere appreciation for the support and love we provide each other. Yes, Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to be with those closest to us, but…  Read more

7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium Recap

One of STA’s top priorities is to advocate for those who have historically lacked a voice in the financial services industry, and at our 7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium, held earlier this month in conjunction with this year’s STA Market Structure Conference in Washington DC, more than 110 Symposium attendees were reminded of the…  Read more

7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium

Erin Gibbs is the Chief Investment Officer for Main Street Asset Management, LLC. The firm provides investment management to high-net-worth clients. Ms. Gibbs is a regular contributor on TV and other media. Ms. Gibbs was the Equity Chief Investment Officer of Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services (SPIAS) for S&P Investment Advisory Services, where she…  Read more