STA Women in Finance: So Much More To Do

STA Women in Finance: So Much More To Do
By Jodie Mrotek
Eighteen months ago, the STA Women in Finance, “STA WIF” initiative made its official launch. As a committee operating under STA, STA WIF has had a series of “firsts” and inaugural events. While all of those involved in this effort are pleased with its initial success, there is so much more that can, and will, be done. Members of the STA WIF Committee include five individuals who serve at the STA National level along with 12 representatives from STA affiliates with an active women in finance effort. It is a dedicated group of volunteers, and we are confident 2018 will bring many highlights.
2017 started with a panel discussion at STA Chicago’s Mid-Winter Meeting titled The Changing Face of Finance as well as a networking event with women who have a wide range of industry experience. Bringing women new to the financial services industry together with those more senior is one of STA WIF’s core functions. In March, STA WIF held its inaugural Evening of Recognition & Education event titled Gender Diversity: Including Men in the Conversation. The program featured the Ken Heath Award, which recognizes those men who have made a “notable and genuine contribution to the advancement of women in finance.” Shortly thereafter, STA WIF organized its second Spring Campaign, a nationwide effort that saw STA affiliates hosting events with the goal of raising awareness and funds for women veterans. Women veterans are the largest growing group of veterans and are underserved, 60% experience housing instability, and one fourth of women vets experience PTSD. Also notable is that post-9/11 women veterans have the largest share of unemployment. All proceeds went to the Foundation for Women Warriors. According to the Foundation’s Executive Director Jodie Grenier, the event came “….just in time for summer where a lot of veteran moms struggle with childcare. We will be able to ensure the kids have fun at camps and mom has peace of mind while remaining employed or in school.”
While these events serve as meaningful examples of accomplishment, there were scores of other actions at local affiliates that demonstrate a genuine effort that will serve many in the years to come.
Today we are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Women in Finance Symposium will once again kick-off STA’s Market Structure Conference. Last year’s inaugural Symposium contributed to 180 women, or 28%, attending the full conference. This represents a 50% increase in women attendance YoY.
This year, we have Susan Estes, CEO, OpenDoor Trading as the keynote presenter. Following Ms. Estes will be a panel discussion with senior women professionals sharing personal experiences that shaped their careers. What were their greatest challenges, and how did they overcome them? Specific techniques for being an effective sponsor or mentor and career guidance for mid- to upper-level female managers will be highlighted. We are pleased to have Brian Fagen, Deutsche Bank, as moderator. Having a senior male executive participate highlights one of STA WIF’s core beliefs that corporations who engage men in their gender diversity strategies achieve better results.
Finally, we would like to thank Thomson Reuters, Exclusive Sponsor of this year’s Women in Finance Symposium. Their sponsorship will enable STA WIF to do more in the coming year and we greatly appreciate their support. We hope that as you learn more about STA WIF, you will join us and become involved.
On behalf of the STA WIF Committee, thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Washington DC next month.
Jodie Mrotek
Geneva Capital Management
STA Secretary & STA WIF Chair
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