Reconnect this Holiday Season with a Tech Detox

Reconnect this Holiday Season with a Tech Detox
by Jodie Mrotek, STA WIF Chair
As individuals we rely on technology for the benefits it brings to managing our professional and personal lives. With the holidays approaching, is now a good time to step away from our normal use (or more than likely, overuse) of technology and instead go with a more human approach? In other words, could we all benefit from a tech detox?
According to experts, Americans spend more than half of their waking life staring at a screen. Many of us would agree with this statistic, and also with the fact that there are real negative consequences of this behavior. Finding the motivation or strength to change it, however, is very difficult. Well, maybe that motivation can be found in the holidays.
Year-end holidays present a unique opportunity to connect with family, friends and colleagues. It is the time of year for us to reflect on what has passed and what is to come with a new year. Holidays bring us closer and remind us that while work and career are important, it is our relationships that play the larger role in determining our happiness and overall well-being. If you are one of the millions of people seeking strength to look away from a screen and into the eyes of a human being, STA WIF hopes you can find it this holiday season.
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