Episode 3: Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

We welcomed business thought leader Eleanor Beaton in Episode 3, who gave sound advice to those who want to start their own business and how to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to your current role.

It’s a centuries-old proverb: Necessity is the mother of invention . With 90% of our industry still in a work-from-home state, individuals have had to adjust and create novel solutions to fit their unique situations.

For many of us who spent entire careers in a structured corporate culture, we have discovered skills that are typically associated with entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we will be speaking with Eleanor Beaton, an advisor and coach to entrepreneurs. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Eleanor shares her thoughts and observations of those entrepreneurs she has advised over the years.

Our goal with today’s podcast is that, Regardless of whether you’re trying to get creative in thriving with isolation or are thinking of starting your business, understanding the skillsets and disciplines of successful entrepreneurs can help in your career development.