STA Comment Letter on JOBS 4.0 Discussion Draft

The Security Traders Association (STA) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the
JOBS 4.0 discussion draft. STA is an organization comprised of individuals who are involved in
the trading of financial securities in the U.S and Canada. Our members are employed at retail
brokerage firms, agency only broker-dealers, asset owners and managers, market makers,
liquidity providers and exchanges.

The STA applauds the aims of the JOBS 4.0 discussion draft to promote economic growth, spur
new business formation, and increase opportunities for retail investors. STA members recognize
the importance of robust public and private capital markets, which drive the nation’s economy
and provide opportunities for investors to save for retirement, their children’s education, and
other life goals.

The STA’s comments are focused on the Main Street Growth Act (Sec. 107) and the Intelligent
Tick Study Act (Sec. 108).

Read the comment letter here.