Tapping the Power of Women on Wall Street

TABB Forum

While there has been a significant amount of hiring of women on Wall Street in the past 15 years, career advancement for women in finance often stalls, notes Jim Toes, president and CEO, Security Traders Association. In fact, studies have shown that women in financial services comprise 54% of the work force, but only 16% of senior executives, he reports. To help rectify this, the STA has announced a task force of industry leaders who will assist in the design of a comprehensive strategy for a newly created STA initiative intended to provide career development and networking opportunities geared toward women employed in the financial services industry. Toes sat down with TABB Group’s Sayena Mostowfi, head of US equities research, to discuss the task force’s directive; how the group’s efforts will set it apart from other, similar initiatives; and its long-term goals.
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