Statement on President & CEO Jim Toes’ Intention to Seek Political Office

Statement from Security Traders Association Chair Ryan Kwiatkowski on President and CEO Jim Toes’ intention to seek political office for New York’s third Congressional district for the US House of Representatives

The STA Board past and present appreciates the integrity, open-mindedness and common sense Jim brings to the STA.

The STA Board is comfortable with Jim remaining in his role while he campaigns in the early stages. If at any point we believe that the demands of the campaign are presenting a risk to the STA organization, we will take whatever steps necessary to address the situation. STA is working with outside counsel to ensure election law compliance. We are also currently reviewing our practices and procedures, with an eye toward any conflicts of interest, and will make adjustments where necessary.

STA’s mission is to educate members on market structure issues while representing their interests with legislators, regulators and other industry associations. As such, we remain politically non-partisan, and will continue working with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle as we have for nearly 90 years.