Dear Canada

Dear Canada,


On behalf of the entire Security Traders Association, let me express our heartfelt sympathy and sorrow to our Canadian members following the horrible attacks this week. Please know that your fellow members stand with you in solidarity as neighbors and colleagues, as Canada mourns its fallen and honors the bravery of its soldiers, officers and citizens.

That attacks took place at your nation’s War Memorial – the equivalent of America’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – seems particularly poignant, as they appeared to be aimed at the values and way of life our nations share. From the freedoms that so many have died to defend, to the way we exercise those freedoms.

Our industry is unique in so many ways. None, more so than the opportunities it affords individuals to form long lasting relationships. It is through these relationships that events that occur miles from our places of employment to be felt as if they occurred in our individual neighborhoods. Whether it be New York City during 9/11, the Boston Marathon, and now Ottawa, people in our industry feel the emotions of others who are distances away at moments like this on a deep level.

So as you head into the weekend, and reflect on yet another terrible event, please remember that you are not alone. There are people miles away who have been instilled with feelings of pride and confidence due to your displays of courage and effective law enforcement in bringing this threat to a close.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


Warmest Regards,


STA Members