Open Call: The Financial Services’ Journey to the Cloud

The growth of financial services firms moving data and certain business functions to the cloud has increased exponentially post Covid. While the benefits of the cloud have existed for some time its industry’s ability

to address the high thresholds of regulatory compliance and safeguards demanded by financial firms have contributed greatly to the

overall demand for their services.

Our discussion with two industry experts in the field of cloud computing in the financial services industry includes: our industry’s journey to cloud with an emphasis on the past few years; the problems that transitioning to the cloud solves and the incremental benefits it brings; and finally we take a look

forward to long term trends.


Jason West

Director, Real-Time Managed Distribution

Global Head

Refinitiv, An LSEG Business

Peter Williams

Global Head

Financial Services Partner Technology

Amazon Web Services

Open Call Index

Opening Remarks: 00:00

Q#1: Holistic Review of Firms & the Cloud 02:50

Q#2: Problems the Cloud Solve: 07:35

Q#3: Benefits that a Cloud Solution Provides: 14:30

Q#4: What are the medium to longterm trends 22:50