Open Call: SEC Proposals on Reg NMS & Order Competition Rule

On December 14, 2022, the SEC proposed four rule filings relating to wholesale changes to equity market structure. The comment period for letters expired March 31, during which numerous leading industry firms responded with the submission of comment letters on the proposals. On this Open Call, we discuss two of these four proposals:

SEC Proposals on Amendments to Reg NMS
SEC Proposed New Order Competition Rule

With Presenter:

Joe Wald
Head of Electronic Trading
BMO Capital Markets

Open Call Index

Opening Remarks: 00:00

Q#1: Evolution of Market Structure Analysts: 02:00

Q#2: Roll Out & Breadth of Changes: 05:50

Q#3: Tick Sizes: 09:55

Q#4: Access Fees: 15:05

Q#5: Order Competition Rule: 20:10