Open Call: How to Intern Successfully

If you are fortunate enough to have a college student or recent grad uate who is interested in obtaining an internship, we encourage them to listen to our latest STA Open Call.


Robert J. Khoury

Founder & CEO

Agile Rainmakers

& Author of How to Intern Successfully

Regardless of the desired field, obtaining an internship is a competitive and complicated process that can overwhelm even the most confident young adult.

Successful businessman and author Robert J. Khoury shares his thoughts on how a student should begin their search; how to recognize an internship that is right for them; and, how to make the most of the opportunity. Throughout our conversation, Robert’s good nature and sincere desire to help college students achieve a meaningful experience is clearly demonstrated.

We hope your student or recent grad finds this Open Call helpful as they conduct their search.

Open Call Index

Opening Remarks: 00:00

Q#1: About the book: 01:30

Q#2: Misperceptions about internships: 03:15

Q#3: How to ensure an internship is rewarding: 06:30

Q#4: How to start your search: 11:55

Q#5: Parting tips: 18:45