The Importance of Dialogue

By Troy Paredes

We share a common goal: to have the best equity markets we can. Thriving equity markets fuel economic growth. They create opportunities for investors to build wealth and earn income by putting their money to work owning securities. Thriving equity markets also allow companies to raise the capital they need to grow, innovate, and hire.

But discussions about our equity markets do not end there. While the overall goal may be shared, there are different
views as to the state of our equity markets as they exist in fact today. People disagree over how our markets are
performing and how things can be improved. Put in terms of the SEC’s mission, policy discussions persist over
what might be done to ensure that our markets are fair, orderly, and efficient, that investors are properly protected,
and that capital formation is facilitated.

“Different market participants are differently situated. They have different roles, responsibilities, business models, interests, and experiences that cause them to have different takes. The range of perspectives is illustrated by the different – sometimes complementary,
sometimes competing – recommendations that have been offered recently for improving our markets.”

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