The Ides of March

By Ryan Kwiatkowski, 2023 STA Chair

Following a very successful visit to Washington D.C. with STA President and CEO Jim Toes earlier this month, we are delighted to share our experience. Even now, while serving as STA Chair, I continue to learn about new aspects of our organization and how much of a positive impact STA serves to its members and sponsor firms. With that said, our agenda covered the recent equity market structure proposals propelled by the SEC. We met with nine congressional members from both sides of the aisle and shared our views with our partners from Williams & Jensen.

The energy level during our visit to Capitol Hill was reassuring to witness. What we once took for granted pre-Covid — seeing so many people active in their day-to-day in person — was gratifying. While engaging with each congressional member, I was pleasantly surprised to see that common ground exists with each of them on many aspects of not just the equity market proposals, our main focus, but also many other proposals that were written in December involving other asset classes. In addition, it was truly an honor to sit and serve STA in one of Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s House Financial Services meetings — we left no stone unturned! Our commitment to our industry and STA was reaffirmed and I am grateful for the continued support from all of our members.

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