The Great Return & SEC Announces Annual Regulatory Agenda

An appropriate title for STA’s flagship event as we return to Washington DC this Oct. 6-8 for our 88th Annual Market Structure Conference.

As of June 11, Washington DC has fully reopened. While this was a key factor in our decision to host the 2021 Conference in person, we realize that travel restrictions may preclude some from attending. For this reason, there will also be a virtual component that includes livestreaming content that occurs onsite and virtual-only content that will be available during networking breaks.

The Great Return perfectly illustrates the mix of old and new that will define the event. 2020 and 2021 have been long, difficult years for all of us, and the return to Washington DC will serve as an important milestone on our way back to normalcy while also ushering in some new traditions. At the same time, the securities industry’s North Star – generating great returns – remains constant, and attendees will find that the qualities that have come to define our conference have also endured.

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