Take the Time

Take the Time
by Jim Toes


In 2018, more than 160 firms sponsored at least one (1) STA Affiliate conference. While each firm had their own reason for doing so, all shared the commonality of taking the time to understand the value sponsorship could bring to their firm. As these firms plan their 2019 budgets, we hope they and others will once again take the time to learn about the value of becoming an STA sponsor at the Affiliate and/or national level.

This past year, STA national was privileged to have more than eighty (80) firms view us as a valuable educational resource for understanding the most relevant issues in Washington DC, and as a unique channel to increase their firm’s brand awareness. Today, we are pleased to announce STA’s 2019 Sponsorship Prospectus and we hope firms will take the time to learn about it and then decide if connecting to the STA in the coming year is a good business decision.

As firms review this year’s sponsorship opportunities, please note that many of them, like representation on select STA Advisory Committees, are for the full 2019 calendar year, so early commitment maximizes visibility and benefits.

On behalf of the STA Board of Governors and the 245 individuals serving on STA Affiliate Boards we thank you for your support and look forward to earning it again in 2019.

STA 2019 Sponsorship Prospectus



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