Strength on Display

Strength on Display

by Kate McAllister
Global Liquidity Partners STA Chair

Earlier this week STA hosted its annual Washington DC Spring Update. We were pleased to provide a content-rich program that included Congressional members, regulatory leaders and industry executives sharing their opinions on a broad range of topics. We hope all those who attended came away wiser, and we look forward to doing it all again, in person, this October.  

The event also provided an opportunity for the strengths of STA to be on full display. Individual membership, long-standing affiliate involvement, a commitment to philanthropy and a proven ability to adjust could be seen throughout the one-day virtual event. Our diverse membership ensures that our opinions remain well-rounded and our grassroots base ensures that we are heard by congressional and regulatory decision-makers alike. 

For those unfamiliar, STA was formed nearly 90 years ago when the Securities Act of 1934 gave birth to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was formed to regulate the issuance and sale of corporate securities to investors and bolster public confidence in the stock market. As remains part of STA’s mandate today, our early mission included working closely with then-nascent SEC on a variety of issues. Today, the SEC’s regulatory agenda is one of the most ambitious in its history, with more than 50 rule filings since Fall 2021. We are proud to provide meaningful and timely input that improves the likelihood of these rules both achieving their goals and avoiding unintended consequences.

While we strive to keep our members informed on consequential developments and represent their interests when possible, we encourage those within the securities industry to allocate the time required to understand any regulatory changes being proposed and how these changes might impact your career. 

Thank you for your support of STA. We wish you and your families a Happy Spring. 

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