Shared Borders, Shared Vision: STA’s Affiliation with the Canadian STA

By Ryan Kwiatkowski, StoneX
STA Chairman

Our affiliates are what make STA a true grassroots industry association. It is only through the partnerships we have with affiliate organizations, comprised of individual members across North America, that STA can accomplish its mission to educate and advocate for securities industry professionals.

Like STA, the Canadian STA (CSTA) represents an entire nation of securities industry professionals through its affiliate network. Formed in 2000, the CSTA serves as a united voice for its more than 850 members nationwide, led by Governors from from four affiliates: Toronto Institutional Equity Traders Association, Prairies Security Traders Association, Montreal Institutional Equity Traders Association and Vancouver Security Traders Association.

STA and the CSTA share a close relationship, one that is based on common goals, countless friendships and a mutual respect for each one’s patriotism towards their country. Bonded together through historic collaboration on past market structure changes, these two organizations will remain connected so long as the financial services industry exists.

We are committed to fostering and improving communication and relations between the CSTA and STA members as issues facing our industry know no borders. North American markets are tightly connected and many of our respective members operate in both Canada and the U.S.

While we are separated geographically by a national border, there is much overlap in our visions, and we find our partnership to be a meaningful alliance in addressing important topics on national and global market structure. Therefore, going forward, we are adding a dedicated column to our monthly newsletter titled, “Canadian STA Update.” This column will offer U.S. readers a Canadian perspective on certain topics while also providing a platform for Canadian members to share relevant news and updates on events. Our goal is to deepen the relationship between the two organizations, and to continue our work on behalf of our members throughout North America.

John Christofilos (AGF Management), CSTA President and
Karen Jardim (ATB Capital), CSTA Chair

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