Serving Our Industry And Communities

The Power of Connection

by Kate McAllister
Global Liquidity Partners STA Chair

It is hard to believe that we are almost through the first two months of 2022. There is a sense that things are starting to return to normal, offices are welcoming back employees, and mask and vaccine card mandates are being relaxed. These realities will provide opportunities to connect in a more meaningful way than what we’ve experienced these past two years. 

The internet is an amazing technology that has allowed us to do things we never thought possible even ten years ago. It has transformed the workplace and given our industry the ability to work from home. But this very gift can also be a curse. While allowing us to connect, it has also caused us to become more disconnected. Many people now opt to schedule a virtual meeting rather than have a conversation with a colleague or client face to face. We can find ourselves living through our emails and Zoom calls rather than living in the moment. It seems fewer people are even turning their cameras on during virtual meetings. 

Studies show that the most impactful communication will always happen face to face. When we are together, we “see” one another, and we are more present. There is more knowledge to be learned from a conversation than an email or a text. 

In a time when we have the ability to be so connected, we need to watch that we do not become disconnected. Technology should be used to grow and enhance relationships, not replace in-person gatherings. Quality connection is crucial in business and in life, and long-lasting success is based on relationships. Yes, there is great power in connecting with people.

One of the wonderful things that STA and our affiliates facilitate is the ability to connect in person through annual conferences and various events throughout the year. Our first in-person affiliate event of 2022 is happening in Florida today and its attendees are looking forward to reconnecting in person.
I hope that in 2022 you consider attending one of the dozens of events that STA and our affiliates are planning to host. They are all incredible opportunities to reconnect with clients and peers and to learn about and discuss the challenges facing our industry and the opportunities that lie ahead.

I look forward to connecting with many of you at various events throughout 2022 and hope that you can all rediscover the power of face-to-face connection. 

Lastly, I would also like to thank the 2022 Board of Governors, all of whom are giving back to an industry that has provided so much for so many.

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