Macro Trends Driving STA’s 89th Annual Market Structure Conference

by Jim Toes

President & CEO, STA

It’s that time of year again. While many of our regional affiliates are holding well-attended summer events, STA is at work planning its annual conference. For the 89th year, STA’s Annual Market Structure Conference will see senior leaders from brokers, exchanges, buy-side firms, technology vendors and government entities gather to discuss the most pressing issues facing our industry today.

As we begin to build out the agenda, there are several macro trends that will be observed throughout the three days of interviews and panel discussions. The first being, the influences that digital asset market structure and equity and options market structure are having on each other. Whether it’s creating 24/7, cross-border trading or finding modern versions of longstanding roles such as custody and clearing, these two markets with their parallels and core differences will continue to shape each other’s design in the years to come.

Next, is the continued fallout from the meme stock phenomenon and how the events of early 2021 uncovered areas where improvements to market structure and investor protection should be considered, and the roles regulators and legislators are playing.

Finally, our conference will take place less than one month ahead of the midterm elections, which have the potential to alter the balance of power in our nation’s capital. This will set the stage for a dramatic and highly consequential next two years for our political system.

These macro trends will impact all market participants, and the services they provide to their clients and the investors we all serve. Next week, we will share more details on this year’s program, so key an eye out for it! There’s a good chance you’ll find something relevant to you and your career.

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