Form 13F Comment Letter and More

SEC Trading & Markets Staff No Action Letter
SEC Trading & Markets Division staff TM Division issued a No Action letter to FINRA discussing the role of an ATS in the settlement of digital asset securities. The relief addresses the unsuitability of the current non-custodial ATS model with the crossing of digital assets.

CFTC Finalizes Rules to Improve Swap Data Reporting, Approves Other Measures at September 17 Open Meeting
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission at its open meeting today unanimously approved three final rules to revise CFTC regulations for swap data reporting, dissemination, and public reporting requirements for market participants. All three measures are part of the CFTC’s efforts to improve the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the data reported to the agency and streamline CFTC regulations.

SEC Proposes Rules to Extend Regulations ATS and SCI to Treasuries and Other Government Securities Markets
The SEC today announced a proposal to enhance the operational transparency, system integrity, and regulatory oversight for ATSs that trade government securities as well as repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements on government securities (Government Securities ATSs) and issued a concept release soliciting public comment on the regulatory framework for electronic platforms that trade corporate debt and municipal securities.

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