Bringing it home from Havana

Earlier this summer I took a short vacation with three close friends to Havana, Cuba. Spending time in the surroundings of warm weather, great food, tasty rum and of course, a few local cigars was good for the mind and soul. The body, well, not such much. Upon returning, time was spent catching up on all that happened while I was away. Now over a month in the distance, but luckily I’ve managed to hold onto to the memories of that trip to the land of Castro. The secret? I brought back a few mementos in the form of Cuban cigars (thank you, Barack Obama), which have provided the means to reconnect with the memories created on what was a bucket-list trip for me.
Tomorrow is August 1, and for those in the Northeast, August is the most popular vacation month of the year. Given how July has become “Children’s Travel Sports and Activities Month,” August for many is a make or break time to relax. But even a well organized trip with stunning weather may not provide enough time to fully unwind and recharge those metaphorical batteries. That’s why bringing back something from your trip could be invaluable. Being able to recall a moment spent with family or friends with clarity has great rewards. It’s like the vacation just keeps on giving.
As individuals, the only way to keep up with this pace within our industry is to find time to step away from it. So please, make time for yourself and reconnect with those people who are truly important to you and when possible, bring a memento home.
On behalf of the entire STA Board and Affiliates, we wish you and your families safe travels and joyful memories this August.
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