Attend an Affiliate Event in 2023!

by Jim Toes

President & CEO, STA

In the every changing landscape in the financial services industry, there are always new topics to learn and new people to meet. STA Affiliate events provide ideal venues to accomplish both. These forums bring together a wide variety of individuals – bankers and buy-siders, vendors and regulators, politicians and non-profit directors –to engage on issues relevant to our industry. They also provide for face-to-face conversations, ideal for deepening existing relationships or reconnecting and establishing new ones.
As you plan your 2023 travel schedule, consider attending an STA Affiliate Annual Event and if you need a good reason to, here are five!

  1. In-person conversations.These days, there simply aren’t as many opportunities for in-person conversations with industry colleagues as there used to be. Our conferences provide opportunities to gather with peers in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
  2. Stay informed.There are a number of issues affecting our industry today. By attending one of our events, you can stay abreast of the latest developments while hearing a wide variety of perspectives.
  3. Always lead and give back: STAR. Everyone remembers that colleague who went out of their way to help in a time of need. Be that someone for those who are in a job transition. To learn more about how you can support job seekers in our industry, check out our STAR initiative.
  4. Relationships: deepen, reconnect and form new ones.Our events are a great place to meet new people with similar backgrounds and interests, some of whom may become lifelong friends or trusted colleagues. At its core, this is still a relationships business, and we haven’t lost sight of that.
  5. Add to your swag collection.Our sponsors never fail to surprise us with their creative ideas for branded swag. After a long week of networking and discussion, it’s always nice to come home with a new notebook, water bottle or pair of headphones. Your kids will love the swag too!
    It’s said often, but bears repeating: we are all very fortunate to work in this industry. It gives us financial security, valuable relationships and challenging work. Sharing your time and knowledge with colleagues at an STA conference is a meaningful way of giving back.

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