All in the Family: How STA’s Committees Reflect the Loyalty and Longevity of Our Members

By Jim Hyde, NYSE/ICE
2024 STA Chair

Earlier this year, we recognized the contributions of a select group of STA members by awarding them the title of Chair Emeritus. This position was granted to the inaugural chairs of each of STA’s Advisory Committees for their role in making these important working groups what they are today. These individuals have dedicated countless hours to STA, and their service to their respective committees has provided a platform for greater subject matter expertise and collaboration among our members and lawmakers.

At STA, our relationships are our strength – for almost 100 years, we have provided a forum where industry professionals can exchange ideas, create friendships and combine their knowledge for the good of their firms and the industry at large. Our advisory committees are a natural extension of that mission. They enable us to offer an informed perspective on a wide range of industry issues, drawing upon the collective knowledge of true experts. Instead of being pulled in too many different directions, our committee-based structure means we can be as in-depth as the situation calls for, enabling us to advocate for our members on virtually any topic.

Our organization may serve individuals but we make our biggest impact as a collective – and our advisory committees are a perfect example. Committee members and particularly committee chairs play a major role in helping us carry out our mission and deliver for our overall membership. They are often among the most dedicated members, generously providing guidance and insights on their respective areas of expertise long after their term is up.

On behalf of the STA Board, join me in congratulating the below individuals on their appointments as Chairs Emeritus!

Eric Pollackov, Invesco – ETF Advisory Committee
Rory O’Kane, Simplex Trading – Listed Options Committee
Christine Sandler, Hashnote – Women in Finance Committee
Matt Billings, Robinhood & Nick Otte, GTS – Retail Advisory Committee

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