STA Foundation Awards

About the STA Foundation Awards

Throughout the years, the STA Foundation has recognized individuals within the financial services industry with its distinguished awards.

While each STA award celebrates something different — stewardship and service, advocacy, mentorship, philanthropy, ethics — they are all rooted in STA’s founding principle: dictum meum pactum, “my word is my bond.” 


Award Titles & Descriptions

Dictum Meum Pactum (DMP) Award – Stewardship & Service

The DMP Award is STA’s highest award, honoring those individuals whose ideals are consistent with our founding principle, “my word is my bond.” Recipients are recognized for outstanding contributions, stewardship and service to the securities industry, their firms and their communities. 

See below for the presentation of the 2020 Dictum Meum Pactum Award, which went to the late Tom Gira.

STA Women in Finance Ken Heath Award – Advocacy (Male)

The Ken Heath Award, founded by family members of Ken Heath and the STA Women in Finance Committee, honors men who have made a notable and genuine contribution to the advancement of women in finance. 

STA Women in Finance Mentor of the Year Award – Mentorship (Female)

A counterpart to the STA WIF Ken Heath Award, the Mentor of the Year Award celebrates those women who actively serve as exemplary role models, leaders and advocates for women in finance.

Individual Big Heart for Charity Award – Philanthropy

This year, STA has added a Big Heart for Charity Award that recognizes an individual – someone who serves their local community while bringing a sense of dignity to people from all walks of life in their times of need.

Affiliate Big Heart for Charity Award – Philanthropy

As part of its Grassroots Giving initiative, each year STA recognizes one affiliate that goes above and beyond in its charitable efforts with the Big Heart for Charity Award. The Big Heart Award honors the stand-out affiliate that serves its local community while bringing a sense of dignity to people from all walks of life in their times of need.

Excellence in Journalism Award – Ethics 

The Excellence in Journalism Award recognizes professional reporting of outstanding merit that contributes in an exceptional way to the public understanding of the U.S. financial markets. Focused on beat reporting, this award is presented to individuals who continuously display high standards of professionalism, integrity and quality in their craft.