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Market Data and Our Industry’s Reliance

STA Open Call – November 10, 2016 – Call Notes Market Data & Our Industry’s Reliance Presenter: Travis Schwab,…  Read more

SEC Proposed Amendments on Order Routing Disclosures Part II – RETAIL

At a July 13, open meeting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted unanimously “to propose amendments to Rules…  Read more

SEC Order Handling Disclosure Proposal – Part I – Overview

STA has made multiple trips to Washington DC over the summer using two (2) sets of Talking Points: -Talking…  Read more

Venture Markets & Senate Hearing on SEC Nominees

On March 16th, the STA hosted an Open Call on venture markets and the Main Street Growth Act (H.R.…  Read more

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Congressional Hearing Report: Pending Nominations

On March 15, the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on the nominations of Lisa Fairfax to be a…  Read more

“Markup of Financial Services Legislation”

On March 2, the House Financial Services Committee held a markup and approved ten bills, including legislation related to:…  Read more

SEC Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee

Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee convened a meeting to discuss market volatility and…  Read more

Roundtable on U.S. Market Structure

Yesterday, the STA participated in Congressman Garrett’s Market Structure Roundtable. Below are our opening remarks. Testimony of Jim Toes…  Read more

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MiFID II: North American Manager & Broker Dealer

STA Open Call – March 2, 2017 – Call Notes1 MiFID II: North American Manager & Broker Dealer Presenter:…  Read more

IHS Markit on MiFID II

The unbundling of research and execution requirements under MiFID II are less than a year away from being implemented.…  Read more

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