Tribute to John Tognino

It was sometime in late 2010 when the two of us sat down for lunch. He was 25 years my senior, but his energy and sharpness of mind outstripped mine. “Jimmy, let me tell you something my friend, STA needs you. Our industry needs you in that seat. How can I help?” That was typical John Tognino. The only thing bigger than his visions was a desire to help others. He was a mentor and a leader to so many in our industry, and tomorrow John will be laid to rest.
John’s successful half-century career in financial services included senior management positions at Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, Nasdaq and even a stint as President & CEO of STA. But John will be remembered most for the work he did in service to others. John embodied what it means to be a true philanthropist. He served as the Chairman of the Board Trustees at his alma mater, led charitable endeavors for several medical centers, and was always willing to help an individual in need – like having lunch with a middle-aged father of four struggling to figure out his next career move. That is how I will remember John. He was there to lend a hand and he never expected anything in return. I know there are hundreds of others who share similar thoughts and have similar stories as mine.
John’s life was filled with bold accomplishments and simple acts of kindness. An honorable man who now deserves all the peace that can found in the hereafter. Rest in Peace, John Tognino.